Sitestream - Product

The Sitestream Engine:
Reducing data waste & improving your UX

Your customers expect you to be mindful of your impact on the environment. They also want an optimal user experience. We optimize your site for your users, and to lower its data usage.

Carbon reduction

Data usage reduction

The Sitestream Engine automatically chooses the image format that loads fastest while using the least amount of data possible. That way you can be sure that your image delivery has the lowest possible data usage - while not sacrificing performance.

Instant image display

Instant image display

Our technology ensures every image displays instantly in the highest possible quality – for every user’s connection speed, device and browser. We do this by teaching our system which image format that renders what image type the fastest in every unique user circumstance.

Footprint reporting

Use in footprint reporting

Get the raw data on data savings from us directly or use our estimates of avoided emissions to outline your reduction in scope 4 emissions for your footprint reporting.

Global CDN

Global lightning speed CDN

It doesn’t matter where your visitors are, our super fast and global CDN will stream your images in lightning speed to anywhere on the planet.

Scaling and resizing

Scaling and resizing

Automatically scale and resize your images your using our smart image toolbox.

Smart compression

Smart compression

Optimize your image file sizes without sacrificing quality using our smart compression algorithm.